A beautiful, honest mess

I’ve been pondering the nature of spaces. How their design can make us feel the way we feel, and the subtle ways our environments can impact what we do and how we interact with each other and ourselves. Take where I’m at right now. A Starbucks in Calgary, Canada. It’s -20°C outside, cold wind and […]

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Excuse me, do you work here?

Never mind that neither of us really liked (or “got”) modern art, but Asian as we are, it was our cultural obligation not to waste the coupons we had. T was scrunching her eyebrows at almost every piece, muttering in Japanese how none of it made sense. I, on the other hand, entertained myself by […]

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Green flush

During my nine-to-five days in industry, I remember frequenting the company bathroom several times a day.  Sometimes to stretch, sometimes to take a walk, and sometimes because I actually needed to go.  During these contemplative visits, I would think about serious issues like world peace, the eradication of polio from developing countries, how to obtain […]

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