Our C3 Team

Introducing our C3 team! I’m very fortunate to work with an inspiring team of curious, engaged and talented students. This research would not be possible without them.

Hi, I’m Teale Masrani (Masters student in Computer Science), co-supervised by Prof. Geoffrey Messier (Schulich School of Engineering). I graduated from the University of Calgary with a combined BSc in Computer Science and Psychology. At the C3 Lab, I’m looking at how to design for emergency housing shelters, and am currently working with the Calgary Drop-In Centre to design and build a tool for shelter staff to more easily work with client data. Previously, I was a Research Assistant at the C3 Lab, exploring how social media interventions can promote mindfulness during contentious conversations between strangers.

Hi, I’m Mathilda Colins (Masters student in Computational Media Design), co-supervised by Prof. April Viczko, School of Creative and Performing Arts. I graduated from the University of Guelph with a major in Computing and a minor in Theatre Studies. I’m interested in how to make online interactions more emotionally fulfilling, and curious about how to build diverse and inclusive online communities. 

Hi, I’m Nathan Moton (Research Assistant). I am working on the implementation of a self-disclosing chatbot to promote inclusivity in introductory Computer Science classes. This project is a collaboration with Prof. Jonathan Hudson.


Priya Dhawka (Masters student in Computer Science), co-supervised by Prof. Wesley Willett, Interactions Lab. I graduated from Colgate University with a major in Computer science and a minor in German. My interests include issues of equity, power and transparency surrounding data production and visualization, and how to convey sensitive information to audiences who might not be ready to engage with said information.

Supervisor to Grace Ferguson (Undergraduate research assistant, 2021). Designing self-disclosing chatbots to foster inclusive cultures in computer science classrooms.

Academic advisor to Ming Hou (Undergraduate research assistant, 2020, University of Calgary). Topic: Designing Cross-Cultural Autonomous Vehicles using a Virtual Reality Testbed.

Academic advisor to Arthur Toenz (BSc Thesis, 2015, University of Zurich). Topic: Augmenting videoconference to visualize cross-cultural behavioral differences.

Academic advisor to Jenny Schmid (BSc Thesis, 2017, University of Zurich). Topic: A cross-cultural email intervention to mitigate cross-cultural conflict.