Computer Science has become an increasingly exciting and indispensable field. Yet, to address society’s most urgent and complex problems, pure technical knowledge is no longer enough. What we need are creative, multidisciplinary solutions that encompass an understanding of technology and people, along with a deep desire to improve the state of our world.

My research embodies these values. I tackle timely, people-oriented societal problems including: collaboration systems to mitigate culture and language barriers in distributed work teams, empowering the public with open data and data visualizations for environmental sustainability, and interactive technologies to address loneliness and isolation. My work is situated within Human-Computer Interaction and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, where I draw heavily from psychology, cultural anthropology, media art and urban studies to design technological interventions to improve collaboration and deepen human connection.

A critical focus of my research is diversity and inclusivity in technology design. Because technology is not value-neutral, subconscious values of the designer are implicitly embedded into the tools we develop. When designer values conflict with user values, technologies can exclude and disadvantage members of the population. To combat ethnocentric bias in technology design, I have established collaborations with an international, cross-cultural and multilingual team of computer scientists and psychologists, located in Japan, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, USA and Canada. Below are projects in collaboration with this international team.

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Research areas

Cross-Cultural Collaboration Systems for Global Virtual Teams


Loneliness and Isolation in an Increasingly Digital World


Empowering the Public With Open Data & Visualizations


Persuasive Eco-Feedback Technologies


Art & Science Collaborations

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Media Spaces for Casual Awareness


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