Fall 2020 (ONLINE). CSCI 1105. Introduction to Programming.


Instructor: Dr. Helen Ai He.

For waitlist and registration questions, please email undergrad@cs.dal.ca (not the professor!)

IMPORTANT! Please note that lecture section capacity is capped – this means, when Section 1 is full, it is full. (Please do not email the instructor to get into a full section). However, you are welcome to attend the synchronous online lectures from either instructor, no matter which section you are in.

However, you may ONLY attend the synchronous lab session that you are registered for. Switching labs is not allowed.


WINTER 2020. CSCI 1105. Introduction to Programming.


Undergraduate Program, Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University.

Instructor: Dr. Helen Ai He. 110 students.

The format of this class primarily included live coding / problem-solving examples in Python, and hand-tracing code on the whiteboard. Students were expected to purchase and read the textbook, so that in class, we focused primarily on experiential, interactive learning. Students also had the option to do “mindset exercises” for 1% bonus, which emphasized a learning mindset for how to handle stress, challenges and failure. Student evaluations are here. My evaluation: 4.46/5.0 (CS faculty mean: 4.07/5.0).