A trip ’round the world

I recently got back from my trip around the world.  Actually, it was a trip to San Francisco, Irvine (California), Zurich, Luzern, Geneva, Edinburgh, Pittenweem (a small fishing village in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland), and St. Andrews (Scotland). I can now say that I am a world traveler! Indeed, I’ve now slept overnight in the Edinburgh airport, got kicked out the “Prayer and Quiet” room, and was woken up at 5:30 in the morning by a security guard who told me I can still sit here but I must not lie down because “the airport is open now, and it doesn’t look good”.

Ah, adventures.  While rolling through several time zones, I’ve been noting (in my zombie-like state) how the design of the Edinburgh airport could not have possibly afforded me a good night’s sleep in preparation for my early morning flight to Canada.  Here are my keen and incredibly insightful observations:

1. There are a total of 3 couches at the Edinburgh Airport.  I tried to occupy one of them around 11pm in my quest for a good night’s sleep, but alas, I was continually  awakened by a very loud person in a rolling, Scottish accent.  At any other time during the day, it may have been endearing. This was not such a time. I had to vacate the couch area.

2. All chairs (before you enter security) have metal armrests between each single chair.  Thus, it is seemingly impossible to lie down.  But, being the genius that I am, I found that you can (a) lie with your butt facing outwards and your face towards the back of the chairs (cleverly making a ‘C’ shape around the armrests), or (b) sneak unsuspectingly into someone else’s sleeping bag.  Option (b) seemed enticing though somewhat risky.  I thus opted for Option (a).  Next time, however, dear readers, if you do decide to overnight it at the Edinburgh Airport, either pray the entire time whilst in the “Prayer and Quiet Room” or bring a sleeping bag (as those much smarter than I did).

The coastal path in Pittenweem, Fife (Scotland).

4 thoughts on “A trip ’round the world

  1. Hi Helen, well I found your first blog hilarious, laughing out loud for most of it, will look forward to reading more as you go along.
    Love, Caryl

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