The “right” rules

I recently attended a seminar about “Cultural Diversity” hosted by an non-profit organization for Canadian newcomers (immigrants).  While the slides were informative, what I found most interesting was the emergence of my own preconceptions in rather typical situations.  Here was the scenario: 1. Halfway through the seminar, the presenter said “Let’s play a card game”. […]

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Motivating yourself

Ironically, as I am writing this post, I really should be studying German.  While I complained rather obnoxiously in the first week that class was going too slow, this week I am struggling to keep up with nouns (are they feminine, masculine or neutral??) and conjugating verbs.  Even so, I hold desperately to the belief that […]

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Green flush

During my nine-to-five days in industry, I remember frequenting the company bathroom several times a day.  Sometimes to stretch, sometimes to take a walk, and sometimes because I actually needed to go.  During these contemplative visits, I would think about serious issues like world peace, the eradication of polio from developing countries, how to obtain […]

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A trip ’round the world

I recently got back from my trip around the world.  Actually, it was a trip to San Francisco, Irvine (California), Zurich, Luzern, Geneva, Edinburgh, Pittenweem (a small fishing village in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland), and St. Andrews (Scotland). I can now say that I am a world traveler! Indeed, I’ve now slept overnight in […]

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